Here, we, the professional gamers discuss to solve our problems in playing. Here is where everybody can ask his or her Q about every game, and have it answered. HOW TO KILL THAT GIANT!??? this is a simple question, you can ask. we answer, and if we couldn’t, our friends can. join the discussions and enjoy your jobs done.

Published on February 18, 2008 at 6:35 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. hi there, i’m so happy to ask the first problem in your blog Reza!!! i’m sure you know what i’m gonna ask ya!!! Bravo it’s about WORLD IN CONFLICT!!! i don’t know if you have my answer! but, i’m sure your friends in Games’ Guide have it.

    now, the problem. how can I use Anti-tank infantry against tanks? I know, but they’re so weak against them. they’re shot very soon. haow can I protect them against enemy? han? thanks.

  2. you have many ways. if you wanna get the most out of an infantry, it’s better you take cover in trees, or hide in a building. just select your infantry and then right click on trees or the building. the cursor will change to a shield or a flashing door.
    how ever, the best solution is to hide in forest trees, cause the buildings are very risky!!!!

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